Sunday, 30 December 2012


one of my most cherished manga will always be 'koko ni iru yo !' or 'i am here !'
the heroine sumino reminds me so much of myself.. i cried through my first read since i could relate to her.
she's shy, plain and invisible to her classmates.
however, she keeps a blog under the nickname 'himawari' meaning sunflower and there she meets two online friends called megapig and black rabbit who encourage her and try to make her more confident.
spurred on by their support, she tries to change for the better.
sumino always refers to hinata and teru (two classmates) as the two suns who can brighten the room by just being there. surprisingly, she gets closer to hinata and he actually confesses he has always been watching over her.
being so close to the sun however can also cast darker shades..
will sumino be able to bloom and who is black rabbit really ?!

be prepared for a unbelievably cute and heartwarming story with character development and plot twists~ the art is really good too !
i'm really glad i stumbled across this manga !
i hope everyone will be able to find their own sun~

Friday, 21 December 2012

hello world

there it is~
i finally claimed my own little cosy spot in this intricate web which connects us all.
quite wondrous, isn't it ? i'm really grateful for such a medium that closes the distance between all sorts of people and experiences. (^v^)
i'll be voicing my own thoughts, posting works (i enjoy drawing and all sorts of crafts) and showcasing things that catch my interest. it's a hodgepodge of everything related to me really.
i think documenting things and getting matters off my mind by writing about them is a good way to get creative and lift burdens of your mind~

so, will you follow me on my journey called life ?