Tuesday, 30 April 2013

a happy mailbox

 i've received quite a few letters in my mailbox the past months which i haven't posted yet, so there we go~ ♪ ♪
most are from my lovely penpal georgia ♡

isn't this envelope adorable ? *o*

i love the lace doily and small booklet~ ♡

everything was amazing ! lovely postcard depicting a park nearby her house, green milk tea and jasmine tea, quirky ribbons and cute stickers ♡

this package was from katrin for the mori girl tea swap i participated in ! this is what i received: rooibos tea with cacao and caramel, chocolate and an amazing watercolour drawing~ katrin, you draw you so well ! ♡

Sunday, 21 April 2013

fluffy friends

today i went to see alpaca's~  (●´□`)♡

they're so adorable and fluffy !

the weather was nice and sunny. i believe i ended up hanging out for an hour. ( >ω<)
i had a staring contest with one~ they have this cute sheepish glance ! ♡
i hope i can visit them soon again !

Thursday, 4 April 2013

time for tea

hello~ (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

today i unexpectedly didn't have any classes, so i went into town to buy some tea for a swap with fellow mori girls~ someone came up with the brilliant idea to exchange tea with each other !
i got paired up with katrin from austria.

i settled for some honeybush mango lemon tea, because it had a really pleasant and sweet scent~ (◡‿◡✿)

after leaving the tea shop, i went to a store called 'dill & camomile'. it's my favourite place to stop by and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind me. their trademark is natural simplicity and they sell all kinds of things like kitchen necessities, plants and flowers, handmade soap, tea, coffee, stationery and childrens' toys. i also always appreciate the calming classical music on the background.

here i bought some dried camomile to include in my package. you can add some to other teas and create a mix yourself or steep it separately. they say camomile helps you sleep better. (︶ω︶)
perhaps i should try it myself next time !

then i was off to purchase some decoration material to spruce things up~ while browsing the stores, i met a street musician who was playing the violin. it's one of my favourite instruments, thus i stopped and listened to some of his beautiful pieces. he seemed really happy yet awkward when i gave him some applause, haha. we ended up talking for a bit and it turns out he has been playing for 25 years and used to play in a jazz ensemble ! he said i looked like a violinist, haha~ i actually started playing in autumn last year, but i had to give it up due to my study.. it's such a pity.
i wish more people appreciated his performance.. we're always so in a rush nowadays. it's good to slow down and enjoy the small things !
in any case, i ended up with some beautiful lace, recycled parcel paper and a scrapbook sheet with flowers. i also included a cute postcard which also hails from dill & camomile~

as for the end result~