Monday, 22 July 2013

森ガール in 中国

hello everyone~ ♪ ♪

i'm finally back from china ! it was one great month and i saw so many beautiful places.. ancient mountains and temples, pretty gardens and lakes, but also thriving modern cities with luminous skyscrapers reaching into the sky~~ and also.. i was most pleasantly surprised to find adorable zakka shops and charming cafe's in a few places ! i even ran into some earth music & ecology boutiques in beijing and shanghai~ i'm pretty excited to show some pictures i took~  (^▽^)

an adorable zakka shop in wuzhen~ it was located in this old town with lots of alleys and waterways ! so pretty~

a little ceramics shop with a picturesque storefront~

a super cute cafe~!

beautiful mountains and forests in pinyang~

caffe bene in hangzhou~ 
they had this charming tree with some notes customers left dangling from the leaves~  (´ ▽`).。o♡

another little cafe with a really unique style~

sail away~

garden restaurant~ the pathway looked so beautiful and inviting~

quaint menu~

thanks for reading !