Sunday, 24 March 2013

rise and shine

"when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. and when life is bitter, say thank you and grow."

let me tell you a story about a little sunflower.
the poor thing was planted behind a wall which cast a dark shadow over her.
it was quite an unfortunate spot for a budding seed.
weeds leeched away her strength, warm rays did not reach her.
dark clouds liked to gather over her and spill their tears over her little spot.
oddly enough it seemed she attracted them. it never occurred to her to seek another home.
she was fine. she belonged here.
eventually, her leaves started to droop and wither. it became even harder to grow even though sunflowers are known to be quite the resilient fighters.
the blue sky seemed to loom so far above, unreachable, obscured by the clouds..
deep in her heart, she envied the beautiful flowers at the other end of the wall whom she liked to observe through a small hole. she didn't like to admit it though.
however, one day, she grew tired of living in this dark prison.
she wanted to grow and bloom into something that could bring happiness.
with her last strength, she decided to ride the wind.
it was a turbulent ride and she had to hold on for dear life, but it was worth all the risk.
the breeze carried her high and for the first time she saw what lay beyond that wall.
life seemed so much more beautiful once she had broke free.
the wind carried her to magnificent sun kissed field full of daisies.
"it's so much warmer and nicer here..", she thought as she closed her eyes.
she withered, but the next summer you could perceive a tiny sprout protruding through the grass on that very same spot.

and i'm sure she'll continue to grow until she blooms into a radiant sunflower.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

a cosy spring morning

i made a little mori playlist today~
certain songs really remind me of spring and warm sunday mornings.
while it's already late march here, it's still very cold..
making this mix made me feel better !
hopefully warm weather will greet us soon, so i can properly enjoy these songs whilst enjoying the sun, green foliage and lovely flowers.

please take a listen here~