Monday, 23 September 2013

brush, pen and paper~ (๑╹っ╹๑) °˖✧

good day everyone~ 
as expected university has been keeping me busy, but i finally found the time to update my blog today ! i've got lots of things to share~ 
let's start with some letters ! ♪♪

this one was sent to my penpal tammy~ 

a close-up of the envelope and postcard~

i drew out a little idea i've been wanting to make for a while~ a memory jar ! i believe i saw the concept floating around and it basically is about keeping a jar which you'll fill with small notes of happy memories, so you can always look back on those great moments.. no matter how small or big ! 

as you can see this one was for the lovely georgia~ ☆
to my surprise the envelopes here are starch white as opposed to a natural brown, so i tried to make it less blanch ! 

she's getting married soon, so i drew her a small celebratory postcard~
 i wish you two all the love and blessings in the world~!! 

as thank you for everything, i got oppa a gift which had to be scribbled on of course~ ♪

and to conclude this post, some art i drew recently~ i'm especially fond of the first one ! ♡
when things are rough, don't dwell too much on them and try to remain positive~ it's very hard at times, but it'll benefit you in the long run !

kiki's delivery service fan art in commemoration of hayao miyazaki's retirement~
thank you for all the fantastic creations that'll continue to wonder for years to come ! 

lastly a piece to herald the colder seasons~ time for hot chocolate and fluffy scarfs ! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

abunai & 生日~ (ノ> ▽ <)ノ♪

i hope everyone's doing well~ ♪
today i have a report on abunaicon and my birthday which followed some days after~!
it's quite a nice ending to my summer break~ 
my classes are starting next week.. on one hand, i'm looking forward to the new year, but i also hope i'll have time to update my blog~

abunaicon was from 23th to 25th of august and as usual i was a volunteer for an organisation called 'ani-nation' which is run by a friend's sister~ we're there to host events/workshops for the con-goers ! 
i'm in charge of the ani-dolls workshop where you can customize your own blank doll with paint markers~ it's really fun and some people come up with amazing designs~!

me working on a sketch.. ~  (*´∀`*)

birthday gifts from a friend and you can also see the mikasa doll i made~ (⌒▽⌒)☆

this year i decided to keep it simple and just went out for dinner with my mum to celebrate my 19th birthday which was on the 1st of september~ 

yummy dimsum~ 

oppa gifted me a 3ds and animal crossing.. ~ (;▽;)
i'm so grateful ! ♡ thank you so much~!! 
i've been doing nothing else the past few days.. -embarrassed-

he also made a super sweet site and birthday video for me ! click here~
i can't express my gratitude enough ! ☆

... and then a few days after i got this really sweet letter from georgia wishing me a happy birthday~ 

she included so much pretty gifts.. it really made my day !

and lastly my own birthday haul.. ~ the candy is really nice~ ♪ ♪

onto next year~! thanks for reading~