Monday, 7 October 2013

.。.:*・° earth music & ecology .。.:*・° ✿

this summer i was lucky enough to encounter some earth music & ecology boutiques in china.. 
there was a sale going on where you'd receive a fifty percent discount if you bought three of more pieces.. you can all guess what happened~
all my hard-earned money went poof in a moment ! (´;д;`)
oh well, at least i'm good to go for the time being, haha~

two simple yet super cute sweaters for the winter~ 

my mom picked out the cardigan for me~ 

ふわふわ summer shirts~ 

lastly a bag and some socks~

everything is of really good quality so i wouldn't hesitate to recommend this brand~ you can order clothes online through their netshop ! (。・ω・。)

byebye and please take care~!


Waykim said...

kyaaaaa~! cute stuffs!
I want them!

Yumeko said...

So cute!

GeorgiaNeko said...

Great finds!
I found an Earth music&ecolody dress in China too!~~ So happy! ;w;

ボギちゃん said...

Hello :3
I just found your lovely blog today and I'm in love with this feeling of your blog *-*
Everything is sooo lovely here, it's so good for my soul. ^^ Thank you ✿

Anyway, these clothes are sooo perfect!!
I really like Earth Music&Ecology too, but my all time favourite is Wonder Rocket :3