Tuesday, 26 November 2013

diary of the past month (part 2) ♬♪♫

welcome to part 2~! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

i'll just continue where i left off, hehe~ next up is an all too familiar subject here on my blog~ the mail update with absolutely lovely letters from my penpals~ ♪ ♪

the following letter is from none other than georgia
she's truly one of the most lovely and creative souls i've ever met ! 

loving the magazine scraps and the stationery is very charming and inspirational~ 

one of her quaint handmade postcards~! super happy with this one, although i will definitely be keeping it instead of sending it into the world~ (✿´‿`)

tammy's art style is the cutest~ ♡ i was a fan ever since i saw her art on tumblr for the first time~ it's still a dream come true to be able to correspond with her~

her doodles make everything magical~! •*¨*✧

i asked her to draw what she liked to eat~ i always like to ask people that question for some reason~i guess i think it says something about you as a person ! 

therefore to remain in the right spirit~

random shot of a croissant and fresh mint tea, because i really really love taking pictures of yummy things i eat~ 

i also discovered this really cute café called 'set genki tei'~ it's pretty small, but the interior design is too cute~! i think it's going to be my standard hang-out whenever i feel like drinking a nice cup of tea~ they also serve homemade calpis and hello kitty cheesecakes~! 


Sarah said...

Such a lovely package of cute things! I especially love the doodles and strawberry tape. <3 xoxo

Waykim said...

Send me some!