Tuesday, 26 February 2013

a card from korea~

remember i signed up for postcrossing a few weeks ago ?
today i received my first card~! 
it has flown all the way from lovely korea and i'm so happy with it !
it's super adorable and the stamps are so pretty. ヽ(●^▽^●)ノ


Frostie said...

Lovely card>< oh but what is postcrossing?
Aww Totoro!>-< <3

Yuanting Lee said...

postcrossing is this amazing site where you can request a random address to send postcards to ! when it's registered, you'll receive one from another person from somewhere around the globe~ ^o^

please give it a try sometime ! c:

yay, fellow totoro lover ♥

GeorgiaNeko said...

Cute cute cute ♫
I love your edits!!

I may have to try postcrossing out sometime!

Yuanting Lee said...

oh, please do give it a try sometime~
finding a postcard on my doormat brings me so much joy ! ♥