Sunday, 3 February 2013


so recently i made a day zero list~ (`・ω・´)”
the project is about accomplishing 101 goals in 1001 days which is roughly three years.
although i've no strict time frame in which to accomplish my list, i hope i'll be able to realise most of my goals~
most are about acquiring/improving skills, experiencing new things and doing all sorts of crafts !
yet i've also included lots of simple yet beautiful experiences life has to offer like going to the beach to collect shells. how i long for the summer, the salty sea breeze and the kisses of the sun..
you can view it here~

i hope i'll be able to cultivate myself as a person in the process. it's about the journey after all~
for some reason i feel more motivated now i've my wishes organized in a neat list.
it's time to cease dreaming and start fighting to make it all a reality !

i hope i've inspired you to make your own list. ! (^▽^)

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