Sunday, 18 August 2013

berries & daisies .。o✿

i've finally made the big plunge~! my blog has changed names from 'mochidrop' to 'petit berry' and it has a shiny new layout too~ i worked really hard on it !

aside from a new layout, i've also been working on some new art~ i think i've become a bit better when it comes to colouring !! 
i've a found new love for spinning flowers it seems.. ~

she kind of reminds me of hagu from honey & clover~ 

ah, the piece where a part of my header originates from~ everybody fighting~!!
i hope i can make more friends and i'd love to discover new blogs to follow, so please don't hesitate leave your link in the comment box~  


Miya Skellington said...

Really cute blog <33

yuanting lee said...

thank you miya~!! ♡

Yumeko said...

Lovely art & blog! ❤

yuanting lee said...

thank you for your kind words yumeko~! ♡