Tuesday, 27 August 2013

felt wool crafts & mail art .:*・°☆

aside from art, i've been looking into all sorts of crafts lately~ ♪
wool felting caught my interest and i was happy to receive my supplies today ! 

i bought a basic needle set, a felt ball tool and some hamanaka felt wool~
can't wait to try it out !! 

here are the craft books to help me start out~ even though i can't read japanese, the photographs, diagrams and patterns help a lot~ (◡‿◡✿)

    there are so many adorable projects~! 

furthermore i'd like to share the latest letter i sent to my lovely penpal georgia and a new piece i drew~

i wanted to picture the joy of going to the post office and sending a letter~ 

that's all for now~ thank you for reading~


Miya Skellington said...

very nice post <3 i really like this little cute blog ^^

Audrey said...

I arrived here after reading about your blog on Georgia's blog, and I'm in a cuteness overload righht now, but that's a good thing, everything's so pretty!

yuanting lee said...

thank you so much for your kind words miya & audrey~
i'm super glad to hear you are enjoying my blog~ ^o^

Joanna said...

as always, i love your drawings! what program do you use?

felting is super cool! My friend just made me a monkey from my b-day! <3 super adorable!